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Life Coaching and Yoga

with other mindfulness techniques


At Come Alive Healing Adventures, we offer experiences aimed to take folks through the ultimate adventure; the one to our true selves.


These are healing amenities to teach humans how to discover themselves through:

Yoga, Nature, Horses, Nutrition, and Creativity.

We are located in Columbia Falls, Montana and operate year long utilizing our expansive barn for the rainy and snowy days! 

Now Offering

Our Winter Schedule and Pricing 
Available through March 15th 2023

A Single 3 Hour Horse-Assisted Discovery Session

A life coaching and healing experience helping folks find relaxation, inner knowing, and connection. Available for yourself or for your group. We work with the horses without ropes or halters and in their environment. Aimed to guide you to the present moment to find awareness across a broad spectrum of emotions, and inward discovery which leaves you feeling relaxed, inspired, and encouraged to move to the next step in life. 

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3 Session Package

Ready to embark on a journey inward with added support above your own daily self care?  You get three on site Horse-Assisted Discovery Sessions which allows you to enjoy a self-guided journey with the support of Katie Rose and the herd to help focus on new perspectives, unblock creativity, and open up to receive your desires in life by shedding old stagnant emotions that become visible by the mirror that horses provide. 

3-Month Self Discovery Journey 

The ultimate Life Coaching Package with a combination of Horse-Assisted Discovery Sessions, Support Calls, Guided Yoga/Meditation and Customized Self-Care Plans. Can also be offered remotely. For folks ready to jump all in and discover themselves, their skills, and get rid of their anxiety, depression, or other unwanted emotions. Time to feel to heal! 

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Winter Guided Meditation
with the horses 

Offered Thursdays and Fridays at the ranch. Enjoy taking in all the senses of the outdoors while also marveling with the be-here-now vibe of horses roaming around the space helping you to find peace.

This is a guided meditation comprising of 30 minutes of sitting and 30 minutes of intentional socializing with the horses.

Parent and Me Social Hour

This is a social event where we get to interact with the horses (on the ground) and with other parents and children in the community. A great opportunity to find peace and show your kiddo what horses are all about. 


Private and Personalized
Experiences at The Ranch

From Team Building to Mom and Daughter days we cater our healing amenities to help connect any type of groups. Please contact us to talk about your birthday party retreat, work party, family gathering, or even a private retreat if you are flying solo. 

Free Meet and Greet

Want to make sure you are finding exactly what is best for you? We are here to help. Click below to schedule a time to talk directly with Katie Rose, for free, to help get you started with Come Alive Healing Adventures.