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Life Coaching and Yoga

with other mindfulness techniques


Life coaching, knowledge sharing, and healing to help folks find and develop themselves through the methods experienced with yoga, horses, nature, creativity, and nutrition.


At Come Alive Healing Adventures, we offer experiences aimed to take folks through the ultimate adventure; the one to our true selves.

Our services are either offered in person or remotely allowing for an opportunity to fit every individual's needs.

We are located in Columbia Falls, Montana, only 30 minutes outside of Glacier National Park. 


“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”


Our Services

In Person


Available Seasonally May 4th through September 16th 2023

Available Year Round

Events and Retreats 

The Pillars of Transformation

At Come Alive Healing Adventures we incorporate these teaching modalities to help one Come Alive. During your adventure with us, you will encounter a mixture of these elements to help guide, teach, and heal you in to your authentic self. Every client is treated for their individual tastes and aspirations and each component may be used in various degrees. 



Yoga gives us the tools to connect our body, mind, and soul allowing for a felt sense of strength, courage, and gratitude.



Creativity blossoms our innate skills and is the outpour of our love, gifts, and abundance.



Horses help us to "rewild" our inner nature and reveal emotional traumas and blockages that interfere with choosing ourselves in life.



Nutrition fuels our desires as it is the foundation of our body's ability to function. 

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Nature helps us to feel supported, held and a part of a bigger entity.


Putting it all together!

The Come Alive Approach.

Check out our Pack Trip Retreats for the ultimate Come Alive Healing Adventure. 

Click here to learn more about the Come Alive approach and the pillars of transformation. 

Your Guide, Teacher, and Healer 

Katie Rose 

Katie Rose is the owner and founder of Come Alive Healing Adventures. Her insights, teachings, and perspectives stem from the wisdom that horses, nature, yoga, nutrition, and creativity provide. With a background in aeronautics and the personal experience of moving out of the societal norm of fitting in, Katie Rose has developed the Come Alive approach rooted in helping others find their unique gifts, strengths, and abilities which help to lead a life of fulfillment and self-realization.

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What Folks are Saying 


"Katie pours her heart into this work and it is obvious through her ability to be present and in tune throughout each session! She helps guide the healing work and is by your side the whole time. The horses are amazingly transformational and healing and I have not had an experience like that before, it brought me to tears! I highly recommend."


Want to navigate this adventure together? Subscribe here to be guided through the website, our services, and how we can help you Come Alive. We will reach out as soon as able!

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