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Group Gatherings at the Ranch

Parent and Me Social Hour 

This is a social event where we get to interact with the horses (on the ground) and with other parents and children in the community. This is an opportunity for bonding with one parent and one child in the healing/safe space that horses provide with prompts from your guide, Katie Rose. Each social will have no more then 3 pairs. Remember those first moments, with your child, where you were only being? Come back to that sacred time while experiencing a new adventure!


In your social session, you get to pet, groom, feed, and interact with the horses either over the fence, in the barn, or in the field (depending on comfort level). You will be taught safety around the horses, fun facts about them, and an opportunity for you and your child to feel what it is like to be in their presence and getting in tune with your own individual inner states.


No prior horse experience necessary. 

Children aged 0-14 are permitted.  


For families of 4, simply sign up each pair separately. For families larger and looking for a private space to experience the horses, please contact us for pricing and availability.