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This event is for those seeking community. Whether you are a local or a traveler this event is for you. Have you ever experienced being a part of a group of people but feel like you don’t fit in? Or that you have no friends who fully “get you”? Or, every time you want to do something that you enjoy, you don’t have anyone to ask that would enjoy it too? You simply feel alone in life.


The truth is, sometimes in life, in order to “not be alone”, we have to change an aspect of ourselves to fit it. When we create new relationships from this space, we don’t generally find comfort to fully let go and be ourselves. We do this because we think finding people that are similar to us doesn’t exist, or that no one really likes me for me. There are a lot of false believes that we tell ourselves that make us feel isolated or alone. That’s why when we find “friends” with this belief, even in their company, we still feel alone.


Come learn what it might feel like to be connected and exactly you while doing so. Come see what it feels like to not be alone.


This event is a space to learn to be you and to feel seen and appreciated for it. To build relationship from a place of not hiding the aspects of yourself that make you, you. Can you imagine sharing who you are with someone and not feel worried about how you come across?


Come join in on learning how to do this and let go to you as you find other similar types of folks looking for true real connection built off being our authentic selves with no judgement.


In this event, expect to power through mind thoughts that keep you separated and in to loving connection that fuels you up! In this two hour event, expect to learn, discover, and grow in to you gaining a stronger connection to yourself, nature, and to others. Who knows, you could even meet a lifelong friend! What would be feeling connected and included give you?


Come find out with your guide, Katie Rose, and the Come Alive Herd for May’s New Moon New Friends Social gathering on May 19th. The new moon is a potent time to create something new. Why not make it new friends for you to feel a sense of belonging with?

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