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Last Day to Register is September 7th.

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Do you feel lost or alone? Unsure of where life will take you or what community you belong to? Are you afraid to discover your authentic power or step in to who you are on an real level? The truth is we have all been there. Stepping in to who you are supposed to be and out of who you think you should be is a scary and unnerving path, however it is the spark of living life to the fullest. You know there is more to life than what you have experienced thus far; either by being in the driver seat before or recognizing that clinging to what is comfortable no longer quenches your thirst for life.

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You are ready for a change and a reset. You are ready to discover your true potential and realize your dreams. You are ready to blossom and grow while meeting other folks who are in a similar boat ready to help and support you in to your uprising and new perspective on life.


The reality is we have all had experiences in life where we have either felt unwanted, unheard, unappreciated, or undervalued. These negative times in our lives seem to hold on tightly to determining who we think we are. On this retreat, we get the opportunity to heal from these wounds and rediscover who are without the pressures of others or society. We get to learn that love is within us and a part of us; helping us to let go to our essential self on a level of being. From this place, we learn we are never alone and in fact always connected to a deeper whole.

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If you feel excited to let go of all the roles you play in life and step in to yourself organically and powerfully then we invite you to join us at the ranch in Whitefish, Montana for 5-day, 4-night retreat aimed to meet you where you are and nourish you in to where you want to be. By immersing yourself with horses, yoga, nature, nutrition, and creativity; we invite you to Come Alive!

I can’t say enough about how incredible this experience was. I learned so much about myself in such a short period of time and was guided through the most incredible experience with such an incredible woman. Katie was warm, welcoming and the exact energy I needed to start my solo travel adventure. The experience provided me with exponential tools to utilize every day. The healing and repair that was done in 4 hours here is equivalent to, I kid you not, 5 plus years of a personal weekly therapist. And that is an understatement. My journey after this experience has been full of light and I now have the ability to work through tough times of the day to day with ease. This opened my heart and life up to new opportunities I was suppressing for a long time. I will, without a doubt, make it a priority to visit frequently.


So grateful for my time at Come Alive Healing Adventures. Are you interested in cultivating your awareness of the present moment, creating a stronger mind body connection, or building your self confidence and trust?
Horses have a way of teaching us these skills and Katie is an outstanding guide who tailors each session to fit each person’s needs.
I highly recommend this beautiful retreat space to anyone who hears the call.



On this retreat, we connect wholeheartedly with ourselves, others, nature, and especially the horses. At Come Alive Healing Adventures we host our retreats in the Retreat House with 5 beautiful horses on site. Each day we engage with them through group and individual Horses and I Discovery Sessions and we enjoy a beautiful horseback ride through the trees with views of Glacier National Park. In addition, we feel their support while we perform Nature Yoga in the greenhouse while they meander around us on the lawn. To learn more about how the horses help us heal check out more information on our website.



Yoga helps us connect to our bodies which is the source of information for healing. With the added benefit of the horses we come in to heart focused awareness at a quicken pace helping us to find ourselves and heal from past wounds. On retreat, we perform yoga every day. Yoga is also a place where we develop strength, courage, and will power.


Our ranch is beautifully set around large spruce trees and open views of the mountains. This tranquil environment helps us to feel nestled in comfortably and openly with nature. It is through nature where we learn to authentically feel supported and connected. Our retreat house boasts a large decorative home-style environment helping you to feel warm and at ease while on retreat. There is room to sleep 6 individuals comfortably with a combination of private rooms with shared baths, a hostel style dorm room, and a master suite with a jacuzzi tub; allowing price points to cater to each participants’ needs. Our retreats stay small and intimate for stronger connections and deeper relaxation.

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On retreat, we nourish your well-being with healthy nutritious meals prepared by our in-house chef. Each meal is thoughtfully crafted with a creative flare boasting gluten free and low sugar foods. When eating a healthful diet our minds are more easily cleared and our bodies feel less sluggish. Enjoy being cooked for while on retreat; helping you to continually be pampered and nurtured as you are entirely cared for.


One of the best ways to Come Alive is by embracing and encouraging creativity. It is through creativity that we allow our emotions to flow in to a workable piece of art that helps ourselves and others. On this retreat, join Katie Rose, your guide, alongside the campfire to hear inspiring music helping to stir up your creative endeavors. On this retreat, you are also given the opportunity to find and discover your creative outlet helping you to bring your light out even after the retreat is over.




What’s Included:

  • Four nights lodging in our Retreat House

  • Five days of our Retreat Experience including:

    • Healing Massage

    • Nature Yoga Classes

    • Nature Immersed Horseback Ride

    • Horses and I Discovery Circles

    • Individual Horse Healing Session

    • Bonfire Circles with Music

    • 4 Dinners, 3 Lunches, 4 Breakfasts  

The retreat begins at 4pm on September 14th and ends at 12pm on September 18th 2022

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The Drifter's Den

This room is on the main floor of the house with a queen bed and views of the greenhouse and lawn. This is a private bedroom with a shared bathroom right next door. This room is the same price as the Outlaw's Quarters.

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The Outlaw's Quarters

This room is also on the main floor and shares a bathroom (bathroom entrance is only from shared hallway) with The Drifter's Den. It has a queen bed and views facing the backyard and large spruce trees. This room is the same cost as the Drifter's Den.

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The Hay Loft Shared Room

This is our shared room upstairs of the house. This room has its own bathroom and 3 private beds. When you book to stay in this room, you are booking a bed in the shared room. This is our most affordable option for coming on retreat. The beds are assigned first come first serve. It has a private balcony off the backside of the house and great views of the greenhouse and grounds. There is 1 queen bed, 1 twin bed, and 1 double bed.

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The Master Suite

This is our most luxurious room at the ranch complete with a private entrance and spa tub. It is on the main floor with it's own deck and a queen bed. It is our largest and most private room allowing you to really sink in to your retreat. It is has views directly facing the horses.


Thank you for your interest on this retreat! Please subscribe to our site to learn when our next group retreat will be. We are offering a virtual experience starting soon. Click below to learn more.

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If you are unsure if this retreat is right for you or are curious about anything before you want to sign up, we are available to answer your questions. You can email us or set up a time for a free 30 minute discovery call to talk to Katie Rose.

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