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How do horses help us to Come Alive?

Instinctually, humans are programed to be “fearful” of horses because of the truth that they could “hurt” us merely because of their size. 

What we inherently learn is that even though they CAN hurt you, it doesn’t mean that they WANT to. When we allow ourselves to experience this truth, we begin to look at our fear in the eye and figure out where and when we learned to fear life, thus beginning the healing process. 
These horses are our mirrors for how we view life. We discover who we think we need to be in order to survive. Where did this programing come from and how did it get in our way of following who we actually are?


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In other words, horses force us to take off of our “masks” and look at how we are actually feeling in the present moment. Right here, right now. From this place, we can heal, strengthen, hear our own inner guidance, and ultimately choose freedom: Freedom to be ourselves. 

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Horse-Assisted Life Coaching

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Growing in to yourself can be achieved with more grace and understanding by being integrated in to the space that these huge animals provide.

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Horse-Assisted Life Coaching allows us to be in touch with what's true. It helps us face our excuses for not doing the things in life that we suspect we want to do. The truth is that we are all gifted with unique sets of strengths and abilities that most of the time aren't being utilized in the capacity that we are capable of.

Have you ever thought about the relationship between depression/anxiety/unwanted feelings and not following your dreams or being yourself with your family, friends, and even strangers?


Through engaging with the horses and learning the Come Alive approach you will become aware on how these things are linked and how we are programmed strangely enough not to follow our hearts and live life with purpose.


Once we

1) learn how to be in the present moment (be without thought); and

2) discover how we view ourselves and our lives; we then are capable of

3) learning how to instill courage and strength and belief in ourselves (heal from past wounds that caused the false believes); and

4) discover our authentic desires, our unique set of gifts;

5) then feel the encouragement, support, and trust to go after it.


Thus, following the journey to Come Alive as to fully feel alive and happy in your body and in life.


We all enter in this journey at different times and thus no life coaching journey is ever the same. We cater all of our teachings and coaching sessions based on you and where you are on your path.


Our program is designed to not only help you grow and heal but also to instill knowledge and wisdom that allows you to apply the method to your life long after you have worked with us. We are not therapy and we are proud to say so. We are allowing you to become your own inner guide capable of navigating your own path in life. 

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With Horse-Assisted Life Coaching we use two main methods that comprise a whole approach. The reality is, we won’t be able to go where we want to go in life if we don’t heal from the past. Which means we need to feel stuck emotions and get in touch with what we fear in life.


Most of the time in order to feel this energy and become unstuck in life, 1) we need support and 2) we need to learn.


At Come Alive Healing Adventures, we offer both.

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Self-Discovery Session

The Foundation of our Life Coaching Approach

Work one on one, or with your group, with Katie Rose and her herd of horses to uncover subconscious fears and old patterns that are holding you back from what you want (even if you don’t know what that is).  


These discovery sessions are a beautiful way to be directly in tune with yourself through the mirroring that horses provide. Dispose of unbeneficial old energy and build yourself up to feel strengthened, courageous, and in tune with your inner truth. Expect three hours of discovery, exploration, and ultimate relaxation during your healing session with horses.


This interaction with horses is all on the ground. Most clients leave the ranch with a profound feeling of relaxation similar to that of just having a massage and with the added bonus of inner knowing.

Pick Your Path


Single Horse-Assisted Discovery Session

A life coaching and healing experience helping folks find relaxation, inner knowing, and connection. Available for yourself or for your group. We work with the horses without ropes or halters and in their environment. Aimed to guide you to the present moment to find awareness across a broad spectrum of emotions, and inward discovery which leaves you feeling relaxed, inspired, and encouraged to move to the next step in life. Each session is 3 hours. 

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3 Session Healing

Ready to embark on a journey inward with added support above your own daily self care?  You get three on site Horse-Assisted Discovery Sessions which allows you to enjoy a self-guided journey with the support of Katie Rose and the herd to help focus on new perspectives, unblock creativity, and open up to receive your desires in life by shedding old stagnant emotions that become visible by the mirror that horses provide.

A total of 3 sessions


3 Month Self-Discovery Journey

The ultimate Life Coaching Package with a combination of Horse-Assisted Discovery Sessions, Support Calls, Guided Yoga/Meditation and Customized Self-Care Plans. Can also be offered remotely. For folks ready to jump all in and discover themselves, their skills, and get rid of their anxiety, depression, or other unwanted emotions. Time to feel to heal! Includes at least 18 hours of one on one healing time. 

Pick your session below

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Have Questions about our offerings?


Amazing experience. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Katie. Her knowledge, empathy, and thoroughness were very engaging and transformative.

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