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Meet The Herd



Red is the main guy in the Herd. He came to us after he served many hard working days at either a dude ranch or similar operation where he wasn't treated very well. The healing work that we do for humans greatly helps him heal from past wounds making him one of the best teachers for learning what respect and boundaries look like. A loyal boy that is right in your pocket as long as trust and respect for each other is established.

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This horse is as silly as they come. She is inquisitive and wants to be a part of everyone's healing processes! She was born a wild horse in the Pine Nut Mountains of Nevada where she was gathered by the BLM for herd control and was adopted by us in October 2019. She was only 2 at the time. She knows exactly what you need and will do whatever it takes to help you grow!



Gus is also a retired dude ranch horse, famous for turning around on the trail with his rider and hauling butt back to the barn. He has earned his retirement and doesn't get ridden anymore. He is the one in the herd that doesn't flench. He has seen it all! He needs all the love and food he can get. He is content being all by himself and enjoys lots of belly rubs! Gussy Boy is sweet, friendly and will let anyone be his friend. Don't forget to bring him a carrot or two.

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Harold is full of attitude and loves being on his own agenda. He was adopted at 7 years old from the Wild Horse BLM Holding Facility and actually never knew life on the range as he was born in captivity. Harold is the most sensitive member of the herd helping him to be a very good healer and teacher. He spent a lot of his life in fight, flight, or freeze and learning to be safe and comfortable to be himself is getting better and better! Luckily he has Red to show him the ropes helping him to build courage. Harold has shown to be a very big part of the healing work with us and we love seeing him come more and more out of his shell.

Johnny Cash


Our token mule. This guy is the most loving and helps remind everyone that they are always worthy of love no matter what! He gives the best hugs and does the silliest things with his lips. He is a goofball and pure joy to be around. Harold and Johnny Cash are a silly pair always playing and "wrestling" to see who's top dog. Bottom of the pecking order is exactly where he wants to be.

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Lucy is the protector and makes sure we are all safe. You'll see her being right by your side when you least expect it and it's always when you need it the most. She's also a good lounger especially when there's a yoga class.



Barley is a mighty little thing. Ready to defend her space with the horses without delay always keeping them in check as she loves to be a part of the action. Easy to learn a thing or two about boundaries seeing that happen! You will also see Barley helping during yoga by being near as you bust out your moves.

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