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The experience was powerful, unique, and incredibly meaningful. I enjoyed the hospitality of Katie, her beautiful dogs and horse, and her other guests. Brandon also made us a delicious lunch towards the end of the experience. I am beyond grateful. Katie’s ranch is truly a gem, and of course that is because of her knowledge to help those who wish to heal and her love for nature and the animals. I am very happy!



Sunday Retreats


A day at the ranch. Yoga. Horses. Lunch. Nature and new friends! This 4 hour experience gives you an opportunity to unwind, regroup, socialize, retreat, gather, and discover.

We start at 9AM where we interact with the horses, and other retreat goers as to get a glimpse of how we are showing up in life. 

We then flow (yoga) for 1 hour to help us ground, center, and remove tension from our bodies helping us to discover ourselves in the present moment. 

After yoga, we nourish our bodies and engage with others as we feast on a healthy local meal prepared by our in house chef using produce from our garden. 

And then, the test; we go back out with the horses to see what nourishing our bodies give us for our mind, body, and souls through the mirroring that the horses provide. 

Optional journaling prompts are given throughout the Sunday Retreat as well as shared knowledge and wisdom. This experience will easily allow you to be you and help you to feel what true love and support feels like. 

Come hang out with us and find your inner guide! Click below to find the next Sunday Retreat to help you Come Alive. 


If you are unsure if this retreat is right for you or are curious about anything before you want to sign up, we are available to answer your questions. You can email us or set up a time for a free 30 minute discovery call to talk to Katie Rose.

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