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Winter Healing Retreat


January 18th 2023

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In the winter, we have the opportunity to dive deep within ourselves in order to lick our wounds, heal, and discover our authentic desires. It is through the frost, cold, and snow that pushes us to not only embrace the warmth of our physical homes but also helps us to learn to find and embrace our warmth within ourselves. 

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When we find our internal sunshine through the cleansing of false believes, we can find our creative and loving energy that will help keep us warm and full of light all the way through to summer.

On this Winter Healing Retreat, we get to deepen in to the wisdom of the horses through being able to view them from the warmth of the retreat center while we perform yoga and meditation as well as with the group and with one on one healing sessions outside in the field. We also get to deepen in with the other retreat goers as we share nourishing food and conversations to help us feel connected and inspired as we are reminded that we are never alone on our journey.

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On Retreat You Get:

-2-night lodging at our retreat center 

-2 dinners, 2 breakfasts, and 1 lunch 

-2 group horse healing interactions 

-1 one on one horse healing session 

-1 group yoga class

-1 group releasing ceremony around the outdoor fire 

-Open time to relax, recharge or interact with other retreat-goers

near the warmth of the fires  

Each full moon weekend Winter Healing Retreat begins Friday at 2pm and ends Sunday at 12 pm.

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To Begin!

We offer retreats for travelers and homebodies alike.. please pick which option fits your situation as to find the best deal for your next retreat!

I live in the Flathead Valley

I am Visiting Whitefish

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