Our Yoga Offerings

Come Alive Healing Adventures’ approach to yoga is intended to help you connect and grow by tapping in to the awareness of all living and growing things in our environment. With a huge focus on nature, we teach classes on site either in the greenhouse, on the lawn, or with views of the mountains. Enjoy taking in all the senses of the outdoors while also marveling with the be-here-now vibe of horses roaming around the yoga space.

The additional layer of performing yoga in nature, around the horses, can help intensify and attune the student to its environment; allowing for greater awareness and presence. Aligning yourself with nature and with the horse’s supportive energies, allows for a greater feeling of being alive and becoming one with the whole.  

We aim to promote yoga as a tool to help one find their own inner guidance. Yoga is an age-old practice that has been successful in allowing people to link their body with their mind through breath and movement. It is through this connection that one learns to free their mind and follow their heart. Overcome challenges and build yourself up by practicing yoga as a tool to help you Come Alive. 

Horse Nature Yoga Class

Yoga for all levels. These 1.5-hour classes are taught at 9:00 AM every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and Wednesday, Thursday evenings at 6:30 PM in the greenhouse with the horses always roaming near.

Luckily these outdoor classes can be performed rain or shine as the greenhouse acts as a rain cover and can also emulate hot yoga on those sunny days.


Private Horse Yoga Class

With a private horse yoga class, you get to customize and cater the class for your specific needs. You can either book a one on one class or gather a group of your favorite people to connect and grow together. 

For one on one, it is an opportunity for an individualized experience where the yoga class is designed for you each and every time.  It allows for a full immersion of exploring your body by allowing catered adjustments and breath cues on point with your movements. With this individualized approach to yoga, you can learn proper technique to get you to the flow state in yoga at a quickened pace while also learning proper alignment.

Group horse yoga classes in greenhouse are offered seasonally-

May through October

These classes are available for privately booked individuals, groups and retreat goers. 

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