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Self-Discovery Journey


Combining elements of our offerings rooted in Horses, Yoga, Nature, Creativity, and Nutrition

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A Journey with us spans a timeframe of at least three months helping one to find accountability, structure, learning, healing, and guidance in allowing one to find their true purpose in life through engaging with their own creativity.

As you dive inward to find your strengths and uncover your fears, you begin to build up courage, find value, and open yourself up to new possibilities ready for your engagement; allowing you to achieve the things you desire most in life (even if you don't know what that is). 

This Journey is customized to fit your needs and is performed remotley from the comfort of your home. 

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Along this journey, an area of focus to help you discover yourself and Come Alive is through learning the teachings, experiences, and perspectives that horses provide.

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Accompanying you is your guide book, The Artist's Way, written by Julia Cameron. The book is broken in to a 12 week program consisting of readings, journal prompts, and more aimed to help you uncover and recover your creativity

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Embracing and cultivating your creativity while learning how to find your own inner guide is a strong way to not only uncover your strengths and desires but also to provide an outline for expressing and honoring your emotions. Bottled up emotions have a way of holding us hostage from obtaining our true selves and from bringing our selves to the forefront of our lives. As you dive deep into your healing you will find freedom; freedom to be yourself.

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During you journey, you will meet one-on-one with Katie Rose to provide you with a continuous dialogue to offer individualized guidance and support to help you apply the information from The Artist's Way and the wisdom from the Come Alive approach.
It is a place for honest and vulnerable reflection and growth as it allows you to incorporate these concepts in to your day to day life.

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This journey is for those ready to step out of what is expected of them from their family, peers, and other societal influences in life. It is an opportunity to find what authentically makes you tick as you discover your true passions and gifts in life.

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How do I know if I am ready for this Journey?

You are willing to look at life through a new lens and are open to try things you've never tried. You are ready to move through tough emotions and make tough decisions or at least are curious enough to see how that can help you grow.  Most importantly, you are ready to find your own happiness and want to do what ever it may take to make that a reality. You are ready to commit to yourself wholeheartedly. 

Discovering yourself is a beautiful journey and one that takes work. That's why on this three month journey we help you get to where you want to go as long as you are willing to do what it takes. We give you the support, encouragement, knowledge, community, and anything else you specifically need to help you Come Alive. 

Not only do we help you move through what comes up during the journey but we also give you the tools so that you can become your own inner guide to utilize this information long after our three month is up. This is where developing your own self-care plan comes in to place. We get you going on it during your journey and is rooted in the age old saying "give with overflow". 

3 Month Self-Discovery Journey 

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- Four 1-hour support calls each month (over phone or zoom)

-Customized Self- Care Plan

Remote Journey's incorporate lessons learned from horses and the Come Alive Approach. Clients on remote journey are advised that this is not therapy and prompted participation outside of calls will be required for best results. 

Priced for the individual based on time available and current coaching needs. 

(Plans listed above are examples and will be modified to fit your needs.)

To get started, we want to hear from you!
We feel the best way to honor where you are and where you are going is by first getting to know each other. From here we can get a better idea of what you are looking to accomplish and make a customized plan to fit that desire incorporating budget, time commitment, and ideal outcome. Sometimes we know we need help, but aren't really sure what exactly that may be based on. Let's connect and explore why you think you could benefit from working with us and then we will go from there! 

After successfully completing a three month journey with us, each individual has an opportunity to be showcased as a Come Alive Artist where their creations will be promoted on our website or at any of the area Farmer's Markets or other vendor booths!

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Not everyone in life decides to choose themselves and find happiness. Not everyone decides to find their born gifts and strengths. If you think that your inner self is ready to jump out of the comforts of life and dive straight in to whole-hearted living, then let us help you get there.
These Self-Discovery Journeys are perfect for anyone at the verge of a major transition in life whether that be wanting to quit a job that you hate, ending a relationship that is not serving you, or wanting to live in a new place. Whether you want to end or begin something: this journey will support you. 
To get started on your journey, click below to start your free meet and greet with Katie Rose. During this call you can ask any questions, get a feel for it, and sign up!


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