The Come Alive Approach

The Come Alive approach is aimed to help people build up strength in one’s self as to not depend on others to determine their self-worth. By bringing elements of nature, yoga, horses, creativity, and nutrition to light the pathway back home, Come Alive promotes in finding the guide that’s within.

Uncovering past experiences, limiting beliefs, and fearful actions that have defined how we respond to the present moment help us to shine light on illusion. Once we have learned how to identify whether we respond in truth or based off illusion, we are more aimed to show up in the world and fulfil our purpose here. Generating peace from within allows one to fulfil the ultimate goal, happiness.

By incorporating the five main tools; Nature, Yoga, Horses, Creativity, and Nutrition, we discover our destined purpose here in life. We shift perspective. We walk out of who others have determined we should be and walk in to who we actually are. We learn how to be the original driver of our body and mind. We Come Alive.


Founded and Created


From Katie Rose directly "Hmm. Who I am? Who am I to the whole of Come Alive Healing Adventures? What do I bring to the overall experience? Ideas, lot of ideas. Love, lots of unconditional love. Knowledge; learned from college, life, books, other teachers and healers through their programs, travel and especially from learning how to gentle the wild horses: lots of knowledge. Perspectives, lots of different perspectives. I love who people are at their core and I have the ability to help bring that to their forefront by actively listening and catering each moment to what they need through encouragement, discipline, love, support, and information; all with a playful and joyful approach. I ask the hard questions and I deliver the hard truths all for the sake of the individual as to help them grow in to who they really are. My approach to help you grow is comprised of so many different avenues and resources and I continuously engage in learning and growing myself to make sure I am always operating from a place of overflow and presence. I like to dance between the western and eastern philosophies as to help bring a well-rounded approach to your healing and growth. OH and I am your biggest fan! Let's Come Alive!

Meet the rest of the herd.

Katie Rose is grateful to the following educational programs and seminars she has participated in and/or graduated from that has helped her forge herself to where she is today:

Thank you to the University of North Dakota for a foundation in science which helps me to understand healing from a scientific mindset especially when sharing knowledge about energy and physics as it relates to learning from the horses, understanding emotions, and the laws of the universe.  Katie earned a bachelor's degree in Aeronautics in 2011. 

Thank you to the band, Elephant Revival, and all the sisters of that band for putting on the Goddess Gathering at Joyful Journey Hot Springs in Colorado. Being surrounded with lively, beautiful men and women gave me the courage to follow my path as I was introduced to other ways to live, Eckhart Tolle, and The Artist's Way. 

Thank you to Kevin and Serena at Peace Retreat in Costa Rica where I discovered my true self through their human journey program while I earned my Yoga Teacher Training Certificate in 2017. The transformation in the jungle is a huge turning point in life for me. 

Thank you to Narayani Gaia for sharing your knowledge and intuition as I journeyed through your created program helping me to find different perspectives and emotional support during my first months living in Montana and for the wonderful retreat in Sierraville. 

Thank you to Mustang Matt who helped me to learn the body language and skills needed in order to effectively be in communication with the wild and domestic horses through learning his training methods. 

Thank you to Kathy Pike for your professional, grounding, knowledgable, and encouraging course in helping me cultivate the how in offering horse-assisted healing sessions. She is a true pioneer in the world of Coaching with Horses and I am also grateful for her shared experiences with the reading of her book, Hope, From The Heart of Horses. 

And thank you to all the authors of all the books I have read; filling me up with knowledge and inspiration.

I look forward to meeting and learning from many more people who are authentically them to continue to help guide and encourage me along my path of helping others do the same! 


What Folks Are Saying


Katie’s place is magical! I loved meeting the horses, and the yoga led by her. Her voice and presence are so calming, and made the experience approachable for my boyfriend who is a little fearful of big animals. Thank you Katie!


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Private and Personalized Experiences at the ranch

From Team Building to Mom and Daughter days we cater our healing amenities to help connect any type of groups. Please contact us to talk about your birthday party retreat, work party, family gathering, or even a private retreat if you are flying solo. Can be hosted for the day or for a multi-day including a stay in our Retreat House sleeping 6 individuals comfortably.


Our Retreat House in Whitefish, Montana allows folks to unwind, relax, and connect to others while only being 15 minutes from town. We offer 4 rooms that are rented by the night. Come stay and add  a healing amenity or two as to make your stay retreat style.

Self-Discovery Journey

This Journey if for folks ready to commit to a 3 month inner discovery journey starting this fall. This is a virtual gathering including both group and 1 on 1 support. Deadline to enroll is September 21st, 2022. Aiming to help you ignite your creativity and love for life.

Gathering Voices Retreat

This a 4 day 5 night retreat encompassing all that Come Alive has to offer. Lodging, Meals, Horse-Assisted Healing Sessions, Yoga, and nature immersed activities including horseback riding. Offered this Fall in Whitefish, Montana for a deep dive to renewal and relaxation.

Sunday Retreats

Available on August 28th and September 11th 2022 at the ranch in Whitefish, MT. This is a 4 hour experience giving you a glimpse of everything we offer at Come Alive Healing Adventures including lunch!

Discover yourself with a Horse-Assisted Healing Session

This is a 3 hour experience helping folks find relaxation, inner knowing, and connection. Available for yourself or for your group. We work with the horses without ropes or halters and in their environment.

Horse Nature Yoga Class

Available Thursday and Saturday mornings each week and with any of our retreat experiences. Private classes can be requested.